Hi, I’m Rachel and I am singer/songwriter from B.C. This has been a really exciting year so far with the completion of my first professional recording, being named a semi-finalist in the International Unsigned Only Music Competition and being one of eight artists selected from across Canada by music publisher Ole to perform during music week at the CCMA's. I am a creator and I love crafting lyrics and music. I am constantly writing and experimenting with new song ideas and forms. The culmination of all this creativity is when you get to perform out live and share your songs.


I have had the opportunity to participate in and share my love of music and song at some really incredible events including showcases during Canadian Country Music Week for the past four years and singing at a BC Lions football game during halftime to over 27,000 people. When I was only 11 years old I was selected to sing with the legendary Kenny Rogers at his Christmas concert, which was a huge moment in my life and such a privilege. I could not stop smiling on that stage!


Although I consider myself mainly “country” because that is where my heart is, I don’t necessarily stick to one genre of music, but love all kinds of music including new and old country, classic rock, jazz and alternate pop. I find that I draw inspiration for my songs from life events or things that have affected me in some way. I love the soulfulness of jazz and try to bring that aspect into my writing and performing. Country music, however, feels like home. I love the stories, the folk roots and the acoustic melodies. I am continuously learning and honing my skills. The most important thing for me is being able to share my music with people and to reach and inspire them.


Thank you for listening.


~ Love Always ~ Rachel ~

“I think this is a girl to keep your eye on.... I could see her writing songs that will win Grammy's. Her songwriting style has such a beautiful vibe, very raw and honest.”  – Diva Shane, Music Bank Music Reviews


"This song deserves so much credit for it's boldness, sweetness, and rawness. I really love the voice of the singer because it is so light and beautiful like an angel. The voice can then transform into this captivating powerful voice that would bring you to tears." - ReverbNation Review on What is Love 



© 2015 by Rachel Layne

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